In need of a knitting Granny?

I don’t know about you but my mum and my mother in law are both very active women still working full time and with very little spare time. We have been lucky enough to receive a few knitted items, but we can’t expect new sweaters for every Christmas.
The Danes are known for being innovative and entrepreneurial. Karen Leth and Nina Brandi is the creative and hard working ladies behind the brand Mormor (The Granny). They have gathered several knitting grannies in Denmark under one brand.
All garments are delivered with a signed note, from the granny who knitted the piece, especially for your child. If you can’t find what you are looking for on their site they will be happy to receive any requests too.

Nina Brandi explains about Mormor

I think this is a fantastic concept! At last unused resources that exists in our community has been spotted. I have with the help from my mother started this group of grannies, and it has been a pleasure to experience all their knitting knowledge (some started knitting as young as 5 years old) and also to receive such a grateful and positive response from these lovely ladies. Secondly it’s a pleasure to be able to offer products to children that are made after the Fair Trade principle and with environmental care.

Last week, at the children’s fashion fair in Copenhagen MorMor had their own stand -with a knitting Granny in a rocking chair of course!

Mormor also support “A race against breast cancer” and a Fair Trade project in Bolivia.

Photo: Mormor

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