A true Poppy Rose

Just wanted to share my latest discovery; Danish Poppy Rose, stylish simplicity for children.

You will find beautiful and unique danish design clothes made from nostalgic and world renowned English Liberty fabrics. In addition you will find a new luxurious knit collection made from extra fine merino wool.
Poppy Rose has also launched a beautiful 100% organic cotton line guarantying that the skin of your child is not exposed to unnecessary chemicals. The organic cotton line will also be Fair Trade certified ensuring that you are part of contributing to people in the 3rd world having a chance to create a better life.

Poppy Rose’s luxurious design is both for you and the little one your heart beats for.

Picture to the left is a taste of what to expect from their coming Spring Summer 2010 collection, but I simply have to show you a few things from their Autumn Winter 2009 collection too, as I’m head over heals in love with it…

Contact Poppy Rose for more information and retailers: poppyrose@poppyrose.dk

Photo: Poppy Rose

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