Uniqe, fun and funky -but only up to 6 years?

NoaNoa Miniature Christmas 09 collection
Noa Noa Miniature Christmas 09 collection

In my search for Scandinavian children’s clothing in the UK I’ve come across a lot of individual online shops, fairly newly started (mostly less than 3 years old).
They are often started up by entrepreneurial mums, who themselves wanted unique, fun and funky clothing’s for their little ones and that has been on one to many disappointing shopping trips.
Most stock a selection of Scandinavian designers clothing for children 0 – 5 years, only a few stock clothing up to the age 10 – 12 years, which is a shame. As Scandinavian children clothing has more to it than being retro, fun and funky. They also want children to be children. And they don’t want children to look like small adults. And as older the child gets the harder it is to find proper children’s clothing.
I’m talking from my own experience. Beatrice is only 8 years old, but is already wearing size 10 in clothes. And for being a Scandinavian girl this is not an extraordinary height for her age! In the UK she’s with her 140 cm regarded as a teen, and it’s really hard to find comfortable clothes that allows her to feel like the child she is.
Beatrice herself really loves Scandinavian clothes, but more the romantic and nostalgic brands like Noa Noa Miniature. (Where as Amélie age 4 can’t get enough of funky prints and bright stripes.)

Beatrice, our beautiful 8 year old.
Beatrice, our beautiful 8 year old.

If I could have a wish I would love first of all that more Scandinavian Designers made clothing up to 12 years and 152cm. And then secondly that more shops would stock clothing’s for older (and taller) children.
I think today’s children grow up to soon anyway. We don’t have to rush it!
Photo: Noa Noa

5 thoughts on “Uniqe, fun and funky -but only up to 6 years?

  1. Tweens between 8-12 still need children’s clothes! They are too young to dress as adults. Little B, now wearing a size 12 hasn’t found the challenge finding proper clothes any easier. I’ll do a feature on this very soon. If you are a designer -please consider our beautiful tweens when creating your clothes. If you are a shop owner -please stock clothes for our tweens. If you are a parent with a tween, don’t give up! Tell you local shop what you need!

  2. I totally agree with your comments Bianca! I found it so frustrating not being able to source Noa Noa MIniature in the UK, despite it being such a wonderful brand that I decided to stock it within my own Noa Noa shop in Reigate, Surrey this year! It has proven extremely popular, especially in the larger sizes so I always stock the entire collection from age 3 years to 12 years! We are happy to take mail orders (by email or telephone) and have a blog website with photograph images of our collection http://www.noanoareigate.com We are currently working on a website to enable us to sell online so watch this space!!
    Minnie owner of Noa Noa Reigate

  3. Thank you for reading the blog and for your kind comment. I’m constantly recommending various of Scandinavian Designer labels. But Beatrice recommends Noa Noa Miniature, MeMini, Wheat, bombiBitt and Monamici. 🙂

    All the best
    Bianca, the Scandinavian Mum

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