God Jul!

“Jul” is the Scandinavian word for Christmas. It is the same word in danish, norwegian and swedish. The greeting is “God Jul” meaning Merry Christmas in Norway and Sweden. In Denmark it’s “Glaedelig Jul”.
Christmas Eve is December 24th. Though Christmas Day is an public holiday, Christmas Eve is the high point in the celebration of Christmas.
Norwegian ChristmasNorwegians are quite traditional, especially when it comes to Christmas. In Norway Christmas starts with the ringing of bells from all the country’s churches around 5 o clock on Christmas Eve. Then after church service it’s time for the Christmas dinner, where pork is served. Then after the pudding with cloudberries and cream it’s time to gather together in a circle around the Christmas Tree, then walk around the tree, holding hands and singing Christmas Carols together. Later there is homemade cookies and sweets, while everybody is waiting for “Julenissen” (Father Christmas) to come. He’ll knock on the door, and say: Hohoho! Is there any good children in this house? And then he will hand out gifts to the children and adults. Sometimes he’ll be very naughty, like a few years ago. Beatrice later on told the Scandinavian dad (who sadly missed Father Christmas’s visit because he was in the bathroom) “Dad. I saw Father Christmas kissing mum!”
Well, anyway. After Father Christmas has left it’s time to open rest of the gifts that are waiting under the Christmas Tree. Then the children usually goes to bed, and the parents can sink down on the sofa and enjoy a night cup -with burning candles, the fireplace and the Christmas Tree as the only source of light. Then it’s Christmas -the Norwegian way.

And Dear Reader. Thank you for your support and kind comments. And I wish you a wonderful Christmas filled with the love from family and friends.
Merry Christmas – God Jul – Glaedelig Jul! – Nadolig llawen – Hauskaa Joulua – Fröhliche Weihnachten – Vrolijk kerstfeest- Vesel Božič – Joyeux Noel – Feliz Navidad – Feliz Natal – Gleðileg Jól – Buone Natale – Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia – S Rozhdestvom –

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