School dinners or packed lunch?

Amélie started school this September, in reception. And as Beatrice already was at the school and had school dinners we knew it was freshly made on the premises and served warm to the students.
But Amélie can be a bit fuzzy with what she eats. She also needs a lot of time, which they don’t have in school. And then when she always came hungry home from school we decided to send packed lunch with her, just to see if that would suit her better.
In Norway most children would have packed lunch at school. It usually consists of wholemeal or rye bread with cheese, ham or salami. And perhaps a yoghurt as well. The Norwegian schools often provide milk and fruit. Crisps are regarded as “sweets” and is strictly forbidden.
Amélie sometimes feels her packed lunch is a bit boring compared to her lunch buddies who have their lunchboxes filled with croissants, doughnuts etc. So we were thinking it might would help with a bit more fancy lunch box and water bottle.
In Norway there is a company called Blafre Design that makes retro lunchboxes, and they are so cute!
I think Amélie would be more happy with her rye bread with ham and cheese if it came in a box like this
Blafre Design LunchboxBlafre Design water bottle

Photo: Blafre Design

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