Introducing new kidswear brand Swedish Prettybluefox for SS15

by Scandinavian mum

Prettybluefox is a brand new children’s brand based in Stockholm, Sweden. The very first collection for Spring Summer 2015 offers timeless children’s fashion catering for boys and girls age 3 to 7. The founder and design behind the brand is originally British and she sent us the sweetest email along with these images -and how could we resist sharing them with you!?
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Dala Horse – The Wooden Horses of Sweden

by Scandinavian mum

A Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden horse statuette originating in the Swedish province Dalarna. In the old days the Dala horse was mostly used as a toy for children. Nowadays the Dala horse is not only a decorative home accessory but it has also become a symbol of Dalarna, as well as Sweden.
Pictures from Pinterest

The first Dala horse was made by wood workers when they were out in the forest working together with their horse. In front of the fireplace in the log cabin, they were made as toys for their children. The earliest references to wooden horses for sale are from 1623, by the 19th century the art of carving and painting the small horses flourished. Soon the Dala horses were traded in exchange for household goods with rural families depended on wood horse production to help keep food on the table.


Did you know that many early Dala horses were not painted at all? But in the beginning of the 19th century painting them in a single color, white or red, became common practice. According to a local tale, a painter came across one of these Dala horses in a farm he was decorating. When asked by one of the children why that horse was not as beautifully painted as the ones in the decorations, he painted the Dala horse in the same style. This tradition was then carried on in order to raise the market value of the Dala horses.
Today you’ll find the Dala Horse as a decorative item, printed on fabrics for the home, as jewellery and even on iPad cases. It must be one of the most popular symbols of Sweden. And it all came by in a log cabin, more than 400 years ago…

Picture from Nordingården Blog

Imaginative play at Little Red Stuga

by Scandinavian mum

Little Red Stuga is a design and production studio, creating stories, products and projects in-house and in collaboration with designers, clients and partners. Do we buy toys for our children because we think they will like them or because we like it!? Little Red Stuga once said “As a designer for children it’s one of the biggest challenges! The goal should be to keep both (adult and child) happy and satisfied.” We love Little Red Stuga and the way they innovate to support children’s basic needs of activity and impressions and to keep adults young at heart. Our ambition is to create a platform for quality design for big and small children with an international appeal and a pedagogical content.

Where to find wooden toys and furniture by Jabadabado

by Scandinavian mum

We have previously mentioned the Swedish company JaBaDaBaDo and the high quality wooden children’s furniture and their exclusive wooden toy range, designed by the husband and wife team Eva and Calle.

We have received an email from one reader of Little Scandinavian:

Hi can you help?
I’m trying to get hold of Jabadabado wooden market stall which you featured on your site, I’m based in the Uk and the pressie place no longer stock it, do you know where else stocks it? I’m desperate to get it for my daughters 3rd birthday.
Thanks for your help and time.
Best wishes, Caz

Dear Caz. We have written to Jabadabado, asking for UK stockists. As soon as we receive a reply we will be featuring it here. Meanwhile -enjoy the fun and colourful wooden toys and furniture display!

Why we love Scandinavian design

by Scandinavian mum

Scandinavian fashion and design is by now recognized as trendsetters within not only functional and minimalistic sleek design but also being eco friendly with regards to sustainability and use of organic materials. For children in particular the design is made to suit their needs and to enrich their active day. The design not only being practical and helpful but also innovative and inspiring.

Seed Pli MG pushchair -launched June 2011

Shampoodle unisex organic cotton Air jumpsuit
Rabbitbox storage system by Heirloom