UK’s best interior design shop, Moleta Munro in Edinburgh

by Scandinavian mum

The most comprehensive selection of Nordic design online and in store can be found in Edinburgh’s New Town. Moleta Munro carries interior design from new and established designers and well-loved brands. With a mix of the best of British as well as leading designers from Scandinavia, MM is the number 1 design shop in the UK.

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Montana -Danish functionalism at its best!

by Scandinavian mum

Montana is a system design that is based upon the cardinal number 5.7 cm. 1/12 of a shelving unit corresponds to 5.7 cm and is the distance between two shelf positions. 5.7 cm is the measurement linking Montana to the universal DIN paper formats, including the A4 format. Use the 42 basic units, the 4 depths, 49 colours and special surfaces to create your own personal solution.
This makes Montana the ideal storage system.

We are considering Montana both for the living room and for the girls bedroom. With the unit system it can easily be modified and moved around the house according to your needs.
The girls needs more storage in their bedroom and Montana has the exact solution we need. When the girls eventually move out one day they could even bring it and use it in their very first home! The quality is superb and this is a storage solution and a design furniture that will last a lifetime, if not longer.

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