The world’s most beautiful sauna, tucked away in Norway

Taking a hot sauna after a dip in the deep blue lake, in an award winning architectural fairytale of a building, designed to echo the surrounding dramatic landscape, is far more than just a Instagram worthy moment.

The sauna is a substainsial part of the Nordic culture, with communal local ‘badehus’ being in use until most homes got their own modern facilities.

The Soria Moria sauna was thought to draw on the traditional communal aspect, acting as both a place to seek wellness and recreation but also a place to meet, wether it would be at the start of the day with a morning swim in the lake, or post hiking or biking in the mountains.  

In it all started as a collaboration between an architect, an artist and a local carpentry company, initiated by the local municipality and tourist board.

The idea was to explore the possibilities of reinventing the waterways, to attract both locals and visitors, to enjoy the rich history and the stunningly beautiful surrounding nature. Needless to say, breathtaking views awaits.

“The characteristic silhouette of the sauna is an architectural interpretation of the steep mountainsides surrounding the Bandak lake. The wooden shingle cladding is inspired by traditional carpenters building techniques. The integrated gleaming golden shingles are a reference to local folklore.”

David Fjågesund, architect Feste Landskap/Arkitektur

Photographer Dag Jenssen.

Soria Moria Sauna, located at by the Bandak lake in Dalen in Norway, accommodate up to six people, for two hour long sessions at the time. Pre-booking strongly advised.

If this post hasn’t persuaded you to take the three hour drive from Oslo, I’m certain #soriamoriasauna on Instagram will.

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