What to take to University, Scandinavian style

Our daughter is about to go off to university and to get to the grips of what’s needed, I’ve assembled a few ideas on what to bring.


The rooms usually has a single bed, desk and chair. In addition you’ll need…

Practical bedroom essentials

  • Mattress protector, duvet, pillow and bedding
  • Full length mirror and hangers
  • Laundry basket, hanging rack, iron and ironing board

Functional and affordable interior design from Ikea and H&M Home as well as a good quality wool throw from Norwegian brand Røros.

Decorative bedroom essentials

  • A pin board and photographs of friends and family
  • Rug, throw and cushions
  • Green plants

Student accommodation rooms are often small and you’d like to keep it simple and functional, with room to study, yet peaceful and calm, a place to unwind and relax as well as stylish enough to invite friends around.

Remember; less is more!


It varies what the different halls and colleges provide as well as what they allow you to take in. So do check before purchasing any of the items listed in this post.

  • Kettle, toaster and a mini fridge
  • Tableware and cutlery
  • Chopping-board and pizza cutter
  • Wine opener and wine glass
  • Cafetière or drip filter (Aerolatte)

It’s probably good to stack up on drinks, fruits, snacks and coffee before you go, even if you are in a catered accommodation, so you don’t have to run to the grocery store in the middle of a hectic freshers week.


The importance is to bring a functional wardrobe, that you can mix and match, dress up or down after the occasion and that will take you through the colder months as well.

  • Wardrobe essentials, including party and formal wear.

All above images from H&M autumn 2020. In addition, you’ll need…

  • Underwear, tights, socks
  • Nightwear, robe and slippers
  • Sportswear
  • Wind and waterproof coat
  • Wool gloves, scarf and hat


Practical hanging wash bag from John Lewis and a soft SPA robe by Tekla.

  • Wash bag
  • Toiletries
  • Towels, hand towels and wash cloths
  • Hair brush, dryer, straightener
  • Toilet rolls
  • First aid kit, including paracetamol.


  • Stationery and books
  • Laptop, mobile phone, ear plugs, headphones and chargers
  • Wi fi based speaker

Functional speakers; Ikea x Sonos collaboration, featuring design speakers that double as a bookshelf or lamp.

  • Necessary papers and ID
  • Small sewing kit
  • Matches or a lighter
  • Rucksack, bag and sportsbag
  • Bike (plus helmet and a strong lock)

Remember, there’s always Ikea and Amazon should there be anything urgently missing. And by all means, the check list does not guarantee top grades, popularity and party invitations… But it might release som pre-uni stress as well allowing for som fun preparations in the lead up.

Please add any idea you may have in the comment section as well – and best of luck with everything!

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