7 things to buy during lockdown

Besides stockpiling everything and anything, from loo rolls to wine, what would you buy during lockdown? What would keep you entertained and happy? How to best spend your time or to make time pass… What would you need?

Here’s a a few ideas!

A puzzle

This new jigsaw will satisfy your need for a challenge, with the charming Moomin: A Dangerous Journey. This 1000 piece jigsaw is suitable for adults and children over 13 years. The illustration in gorgeous retro colours by Tove Jansson was originally published in 1977. 

Sun cream

Just like any other beauty product, most sun creams do expire. As a rule of thumb, most lotions will last for around 12 months, meaning you’ll have to renew your selection, every year. With sunny days ahead, to be enjoyed on the daily trips out for exercise, or for longer periods of the day if you are fortunate to have a balcony or a garden, a new sun cream is essential. Meraki’s Danish-made organic lifestyle and skincare products are second to none. 

Plant pots

This could be a good time to review your plant collection, to see if they still have enough room to grow and thrive. Many would have outgrown their pots and you might need to reshuffle and repot those who could need some more space. We adore the delicate Anne Black pots, as seen in Illum Bolighus. But there’s of course a lot out there and as always, remember to shop small, to check your local store first.

Knitting project

IG: @ninaknitzzz

This is a unique opportunity to start knitting and learn how to love it. Your first project should be easy, before moving on to gorgeous Instagram worthy sweaters. But to keep you inspired, I’d recommend following IG account @ninaknitzzz a Norwegian knitter based in London.

Moomin mug

Because you need to update your collection and what better theme than ‘relaxing’ for those days spent enjoying your teas and coffees at home? The Summer 2020 Moomin Arabica set is in limited edition. The illustrations continues the Moomins’ summer adventure, based on Tove Jansson’s comic book “Moomin Valley Turns Jungle”, first published in 1956. The mug is on our wish list!

Grow your own essentials

What you’ll need is seeds, soil that is high in organic material and cartoons to grow it in. The sweet miniature greenhouse from Ikea might just fit into your kitchen window as well. Perfect for sowing in April:

  • Carrots.
  • Lettuce.  
  • Turnips.
  • Beetroot.

Travel book

Log off your computer and sink into a book instead, to discover your next holiday. Low Carbon Europe by Lonely Planet details 80 itineraries on how to experience the best of Europe, without air travel. The book include Norwegian rail odyssey and an Icelandic saga by sea. Let’s dream away!

Please add your ideas as well, by leaving a comment below!

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