How to drink gin, the Danish way.

It’s been a month of hibernation, recovering from the festive season as well as patiently waiting for the days to become longer, milder and sunnier. It’s about time we start living again! If gin is your thing, read on.

A classic gin & tonic, served in a highball glass filled with ice cubes, gin followed by tonic poured in and stirred well before garnishing with a lemon twist. It a refreshing and simple cocktail, perfect when enjoyed on a terrace in the evening sun, as a pre-dinner drink or in a cocktail bar, when going out with friends.

The perfect G&T is a pure ‘hygge’ in a glass and a treat, after a long and hectic day.

A gin & tonic is perhaps the simplest of cocktails, one that shouldn’t be messed with. Nevertheless, choosing quality ingredients is key.

I recently came across the danish Kongsgaard Gin. Crafted by hand in Denmark and produced exclusively in small batches. Botanicals includes charred oak, resin and cinnamon bark, alongside juniper, ginger, coriander seed, tiger nuts, galangal, liquorice root as well as whole fresh lemons. Kongsgaard also make use of locally sourced Danish apples, leaving the spirits with beautiful apple notes on a clean pure taste.

To spice up the reaming winter months, we asked Kongsgaard to share three amazingly tasty (and easy) cocktail recipes with us.

Enjoy the essence of the north and surprise your friends with a selection of cocktails that is guaranteed to delight. What’s your favourite?

Root To Fruit

50ml Kongsgaard Gin
20ml Aperol
20ml Lemon juice
20ml Grapefruit juice
25ml Maple syrup

Rød Aroma

50ml Kongsgaard Gin
Top up Fever-Trees Aromatic tonic
Garnish with slices of apple

Hot Apple Toddy

Heat up cloudy apple juice.
Add cinnamon, star anise, vanilla, slices of apple, ginger and lemon.
Serve in cups with 50ml Kongsgaard Gin.

The juniper tree is an evergreen shrub that produces seed cones, commonly known as juniper berries. Though the berries’ colouring varies, most are deep blue and their aroma is woody or spicy.

Did you know, when consumed in moderation, gin may have health benefits? Gin is made of the juniper berry, which is known for having infection fighting qualities, it could help relieve achy joints and may fight off coughs. The berry also contain flavonoids which are said to prevent heart disease and improving blood circulation. In addition these super berries are full of antioxidants and boost the regenerating cells, for smoother, healthier looking skin. 

If this isn’t what we all need, after a never-ending Winter, I don’t know!

Kongsgaard Gin is available in London and the UK through:
The Whisky Exchange, Hedonism Wines, Master of Malt and Harvey Nichols. Find more recipes and inspiration on


1.The information provided in this blog are not intended as medical advice, nor is the information a substitute for professional medical expertise or treatment. Always drink responsible.

2.This is no advertisement, nor was I gifted products. This is a genuin recommendation.

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