Review and giveaway of Bean Bag Bazaar

I was recently asked if we would like to test out a bean bag and run a giveaway in collaboration with Bean Bag Bazaar.

As the UK’s award-winning bean bag expert Bean Bag Bazaar just recently had added a new Scandi collection of bean bags, I didn’t hesitate to say yes!

Bean bags were first invented in 1969 by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro and produced by the Italian company Zanotta, after they noticed the staff would sit on bags filled with styrofoam during their coffee breaks.

It has since then become a globally recognised piece of furniture. I remember bean bags already from my childhood. My friend had one in a cheap leather imitation. However, it was bright pink to match the rest of her room and I was deeply envious! Fast-forward three decades and bean bags have come a long way!

Nowadays UK’s leading bean bag specialist store Bean Bag Bazaar offer a choice between luxurious faux fur, lush velvet, cosy cord, real or imitation leather. The colours are of course on trend as well, when choosing the best suited bean bag for your home. You can also pick your favourite size, from a compact design to the spacious love chair, which seats two. Oh, and there’s kids sizes too!

We were very happy to review an adult bean bag in a soft shade of neutral pink, complete in lush velvet. Our ‘little sister’ teenage daughter already had an armchair on her wish list, so she ended up being the lucky one!

The ICON® Milano Velvet Armchair Bean Bag was swiftly ordered online and arrived the day after, in a large cardboard box delivered to our door. But what slightly puzzled us was that the box wasn’t quite big enough so that it would room the whole armchair. To our surprise the bean bag came half filled up, with the remaining filling in a separate bag. We found this to be super clever, in order to minimise the parcel. Furthermore, it was really easy to fill up the second compartment ourselves. And voila!

The teenagers new sanctuary, for when some quiet time is needed.

The Bazaar bean bag was even more well-made in reality, compared to the photos on the website. It’s a bean bag, but at the same time, it’s a proper piece of furniture. And although it’s in little sisters room, it has instantly become the favourite place to hang for the whole family. Her big sister will more frequently visit these days… If I see a free space, I’ll pop in too! But perhaps even more importantly, with a hectic teenage life for little sister, juggling school, homework, after school activities as well as having her GCSE exams looming, some downtime is much needed.

Sometimes, she would turn the bean bag away from the door, to face the window and our city views instead, before taking her book and sit down to read. She loves reading and would happily snuggle up for hours in her own peaceful space. Finally time to breath!

And this brings us to…

The giveaway – of an ICON® Oslo Armchair Bean Bag

**This giveaway has ended and the winner has been announced**

As part of he Scandi collection, the sophisticated Icon Oslo Armchair bean bag is the perfect accent chair in a super soft woven herringbone fabric, available in colours to suit a Nordic style interior. This is a high quality piece of furniture for the whole family, perfect for reading, watching tv or simply as an extra armchair.

Whatever interior style, the Icon Oslo is sure to look great in your home!

How to enter:

Choose your favourite colour of the Icon Oslo bean bag and let us know in the comments below why you would like to win this giveaway.

See the Bean Bag Bazaar website for colour options, here:

This giveaway, which is only open to 18+ UK residents, will end at 12pm on the 19th of January 2020, when one lucky winner will be announced.

The giveaway is non-refundable, cannot be exchanged for cash and will be sent directly from Bean Bag Bazaar. Make sure that you enter your name and a valid email address. Email addresses will only be used for the purpose of contacting the winner.

UPDATE: The winner is Helene G. T. – Congratulations! `

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49 thoughts on “Review and giveaway of Bean Bag Bazaar

  1. Perfect to keep two boys happy when playing video games. Would look soo much nicer in our living room than a giant desert camouflage one! Charcoal grey looks great.

  2. I love how summery and bright the Mustard is but I would have to go with the Charcoal one. It would go best with our other furniture.

    With only one sofa, which is fought over by myself, the beautiful Mrs, two boys and a cat (I’ll not tell you who normally wins but it certainly isn’t me ) we could really do with this. It looks comfy and stylish so thank you for the opportunity.

  3. I’d love to win the yellow/mustard one. Im mainly work from home and think the bright colour would brighten up my flat and encourage me to take breaks throughout the day as it looks so comfortable!

  4. We would love the mustard beanbag for our son Archie. Reading has clicked and he loves spending time know on his own with his books. A perfect 7th birthday present to reward and encourage bookworms. Another fantastic giveaway.

  5. I would love to win the charcoal one as I have recently redecorated, and this would really finish my room off and provide me with a cosy place to relax

  6. I really like the grey one and would love to win to help make a coay reading corner in my living room for my children to unwind.

  7. My living room is grey and mustard and I can’t decide which I like the most. I think the grey just about wins. I would love a bean bag in my living room for the extra seating. I always thought of bean bags as a kids thing but my sister recently got one and it looks amazing.

  8. The light grey will be so beautiful for our new home
    It’s my favorite color and I will love too win it ♥️

  9. I would love to win the Charcoal! I’m a student and recently moved in to a new flat. We don’t have that many seating options to chill so this would be perfect for when we have people over or to just relax while reading.

  10. I would love the grey one for my lounge. Always loved the one I had when younger, until the day my older brother decided to jump on it and it exploded everywhere

  11. Hello little Scandinavia,
    I just moved from Oslo to London for studies. I don’t have any furniture in my living room. As of this moment I just got a tv and I am sitting on the floor to watch it. My apartment is totally empty and a bean bag would be perfect. Then I don’t have to sit on the cold floor hehe…

  12. I’d love this in grey! Our trusty armchair just broke, and as our living room is small this would be an ideal replacement!

  13. These not only look so comfortable (most bean bags in fact are NOT at all) but also very stylish. I can see my kids competing with the dog as to who gets in it first. Perfect for reading and snuggles. I would love one of these in light grey or charcoal

  14. I would love to have the dark gray one. Just moved into a new flat with basic furniture and need some more seats. Nevertheless something new to make it more modern and cosy. Would definitely be the comfiest place in the living room!

  15. The light grey one would be so cozy!! This would be such an incredible grown-up, but young statement piece and perfect for reading books by the window! As soon as I saw these pictures I was hooked.

  16. I would love the grey one! Currently a student finishing my degree in London and would love to have a more comfy chair to sit in when I write my masters

  17. I love the grey one! Just had lots of books from Norway brought over so would be perfect for curling up and catching up on my Scandinavian literature.

  18. Can’t decide which colour…
    Maybe MUSTARD would look cool with our new micro cement floors? My architect husband is building us a new house in London and we need furniture.
    The chair looks great for breastfeeding!

  19. Oslo armchair in dark grey.
    We would love a bean bag chair for our very crowded flat where we are six students sharing a tiny couch. We could really use some more sitting space for studying and maybe a movie night when we have time!

  20. I’d also love the light gray! Love that it’s named after my hometown❤️ Have no sofa at the moment and looks super comfy!

  21. I would love to win this in carchoal. It would be amazing as I am moving in with my boyfriend in two months time and we could definetly need a comfy chair like this in our living room!

  22. The chair looks very comfortable, but I would like to test it myself my choice would be charcoal to fit best in with my living room furniture and to see less of the cat hair (as I’m sure I’ll be fighting with the cat to get the seat)

  23. Love the mustard colour. Would be Fab in my daughters bedroom and I can finally get rid of the nursing chair!!

  24. Charcoal would look fantastic in our new home. We moved to the UK 3 years ago. It’s been a challenging 3 years with getting settled and finding jobs and a home as well as 2 hospital stays (one for me after a laundry pod exploded in my eye and melted my cornea – and one for my daughter after an ear infection gone bad causing swelling in the face), settling into a new area, school and job. I would love to add another touch of Scandi to our home!

  25. The light grey is perfect. I can imagine myself sitting there reading a good book or watching my favourite series. It also bring back childhood memories. x

  26. I’d like the yellow one.

    Would definitely stand out in my apartment.

    Great show off whenever I have friends over but would also come in handy when I have to do some computer work (bored of always working at my desk!).

  27. They are amazing, and I want to have an amazing home so would love to have a mustard colour one in my living room!

  28. Charcoal – I would so love a bean bag for reading books at night, with a nice cup of tea next to me. The colour would fit well in the flat too, complementing my rug, sofa and dining chairs. Plus more importantly have something Scandi design in my flat that’s not from IKEA =D

  29. With a growing household in need of more seating options this would be perfect for us to use for kids bedroom but also as an extra chair when family is visiting. The grey version would also help lighten up the room next to our current furniture.

  30. Oh the charcoal for sure!
    How funny – timing is everything- we’ve been looking at bean bags for the teenager’s room this week too – thank you – lovely little January giveaway 😉

  31. Oh this would be so perfect for my son’s bedroom as a hang out chair, quite a few ways to sit on it too!

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