Eco-friendly handmade rugs you’ll love, by Linum

What truly makes up a home is not our walls and a roof. Adding textiles will transform you house into your personal space, where you can relax and enjoy in comfort. Welcome home!

Linum’s rugs are the result of Swedish traditional craftsmanship and Scandinavian functional design. The company was founded in 1966, on the height of the era of mid century modern furniture classics. Scandinavian architects and designers were very influential at this time, with a style characterised by clean simplicity and integration with nature.

Today all rugs are still handmade by skilled weavers, in natural materials such as wool, linen, cotton and jute. The colours are natural too. Colourful accents or soft tones? A lot of care is going into dying of the yarn, to make each rug come to life.

The rug collection is designed for comfort and to be long-lasting, for the conscious modern home that breathes style and simplicity.

Every step and every rug is made to perfection. Some rugs are produced with skilled weavers in India. But Linum also make some of their rugs in collaboration with top quality Swedish rug maker, Kasthall in Sweden, who’s factory was established in 1889.

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