Hansen & Lydersen Smoked Salmon for Christmas 2019

For many a Norwegian there simply will not be Christmas without having had traditional Norwegian smoked salmon ‘r√łkelaks’, served with soft flat bread ‘lefse’ and scrambled eggs. For many there will not be Christmas without the smoked salmon from a tiny smokehouse in Stoke Newington.

Every year in the lead up to Christmas the seasonal smokehouse Hansen & Lydersen, run by Norwegian artisan salmon smoker Ole Hansen Lydersen, offers a truly luxurious product; each fish, sustainably sourced, is carefully hand-filleted and salted, then traditionally hung and cold-smoked in the kiln over a unique blend of juniper and beech wood shavings, using Ole’s own family recipe.

The Hansen & Lydersen delicious smoked salmon has become a firm favourite with its natural strong-colour and smooth texture with a wonderful buttery finish.

We are pleased to share that once again, there will be Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon for Christmas 2019.

Hansen & Lydersen is this Christmas running in its 10th year, leaving behind a successful decade of exciting partnerships and events as well as delivering to restaurants and the private marked.

The smokehouse, associated with grand names such as Krug and Michel Roux, has always delivered exceptionally produce, never compromising on quality and taste. We are excited to see what the next decade will bring.

To secure your Hansen & Lydersen smoked salmon for the festive season ahead, place your order online at hansen-lydersen.com 

Please note that the production is limited and it’s first come first served.

One thought on “Hansen & Lydersen Smoked Salmon for Christmas 2019

  1. My dear friend Ralf Hickmann has shared your delicious smoked salmon with
    my husband and I.

    I would love to order a side for delivery mid December 2020. Are you open for business?


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