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Juggling family and a career can be a difficult task with short maternity leaves, lack of flexible working hours, wage gap, and a constant feeling of guilt of not having spent enough time with your precious little one.

Mothers & Careers Ltd was launched in 2017 by Norwegian Anette Beelaerts van Blokland. With her Nordic experiences on parental leave, childcare, flexible work arrangements she soon realised that the opportunities new mums have in Norway was not the same in England. To keep her successful City career was not as straight forward.

Her employer wanted her full time, with the long hours the job came with. She found it hard to negotiate flexibility within her current job and finding something new that would fit her new life as a mum was not the easiest of tasks either.

This was the beginning of Mothers and Careers, an online job board, listing attractive flexible jobs and matching them with the right talents.

I set up my business as I realised there is a gap in the market with very few city companies promoting the flexible jobs that they do have. Lots of people are looking for these positions but are unable to find them.

Anette Beelaerts van Blokland, founder of Mothers & Careers
Anette and her first born son in London.

The Mothers

Our members are ambitious, well-educated women with impressive career backgrounds in financial services, banking, consulting, auditing, legal professions, creative industries and technology startups. They are looking for work that pays well, is challenging and interesting, in a work-environment that supports work-life balance and family life.

Our mission is straightforward: we want to help these mothers to find a job that offers the flexibility they need, whether that is a full time job with flexible hours or remote working, a part time role or a job share.

According to Deloitte Millennial Survey 2017, millennials believe that flexible working arrangements support better productivity and staff engagement, while enhancing health, happiness and work-life balance. We believe all businesses should adopt flexible working, especially if they want to attract and retain new talent.

The Careers

Mothers and Careers currently work with startups like Monzo bank, Instabridge, UnderTheDoormat, Skimlinks and YourActingCFO as well as established organisations like University College London, Deloitte and Boodle Hatfield.

Wether you are looking for a career as a IT developer, lawyer or teachers Mothers and Careers offers flexible jobs that are fulfilling, interesting and challenging. It’s all about matching vacant positions with talents.

In addition, we provide advice and job information for women working in financial services, management consulting, auditing, legal professions and related industries. We also see ourselves as the go to place for information on maternity leave, flexible work regulation, rights at work during pregnancy and anything else that we believe is useful to mothers who would like to have a career.

We would like to help mothers get the life-balance they are looking for. We also encourage women who are looking to get back to work after an extended career break to try a Returners Programme.

Anette Beelaerts van Blokland, founder of Mothers & Careers

Do you too find yourself wondering how to be a good mum and at the same time have a great career? If you would like to find out what M&C can do you for you, contact Anette on or visit

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