Fly from London to the Scandinavian Mountains

The Scandinavian airline SAS has announced they will begin commercial flights from London to the Trysil / Sälen Airport, also called Scandinavian Mountains SCR. It has become known for being the first airport in the world built without an air traffic control tower, instead having a virtual tower.

The first flights will arrive on the 22nd of December 2019, with the first plane arriving from London on the 29th of December. As of for now SAS will be running a once a week service, with flights scheduled for Saturdays.

The new airport is located on the boarder between Trysil in Norway and Sälen in Sweden. The airports location is 45 minutes drive away from Trysil  in comparison to 2 hours from nearby Oslo Airport, Gardermoen.

With a house in Trysil and living in London we were naturally very excited about the news of the airport. But a few obsticals are hindering us from jumping of joy and go online to secure tickets on the maiden voyage:

Albeit flights have been released, no rental car been picked up at this location. We have looked into some of the major rental car companies and none are currently listed with location at the Scandinavian Mountains airport. We expect these things to be in place upon opening. But the lack of rental car options inflicts a certain uncertainty, especially if you are a planner.

The next issue is the ticket price. Return tickets for a family of four starts at 14.500 NOK*. The flight time from London Heathrow to Scandinavian Mountains is 2 h and 30 min in comparison to 1 h and 40 min from London Stansted to Oslo Airport. When flights on the same day to Oslo Airport for a family of four comes in at under 3.000 NOK* it is very hard to justify why you would choose the new airport. Last but not least, flights from London to Oslo Airport is daily.

Such a shame as we were looking forward to the opening of this airport. Hopefully some more reasonably priced tickets will be offered, more flights added to the schedule during the week and that a few of the reliable car rental companies will be able to set up offices in the Scandinavian Mountains.

But by the looks of it we will sadly not be visiting the new airport venture anytime soon.

*Prices as quoted on SAS and Ryanair website on the 13th Of August.

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