Nordic Interior Design Trends for 2019

Muted grey has been popular in the Nordics but recently, warmer tones have begun to enter the minimalistic landscape. Tactility, imperfection and a pale flush of colour is regarded to be the main interior design trends for 2019. Read on!

As with fashion, the trend for the home is a clear nudge towards the 70’s with hues of warm browns.

The trend for the home is hues of warm brown. Ferm Living 2019.
This goes for the kids room as well. Ferm Living 2019.

You can even create the earthy, natural trend by painting your walls a warm brown. This lends itself very nicely to the furniture pieces in natural wood as well as textiles in dusty pink.

&tradition 2019

Dulux’s pick for 2019’s standout colour is a warm shade of caramel, called Spiced Honey, which they say will provide a comforting haven after a difficult year. Not to get too political here, but let’s hope the colour is able to take us through what seems to be an ongoing difficult time as well. It certainly is comforting.

Dulux Spiced Honey, colour of the year 2019.

Mix your brown walls or interior pieces, vintage or new, with hues of whites, botanical green and natural wood.

Arne Jacobsen.

There’s also another interesting trend for 2019 that I was quite intrigued by. At first dried flowers sounds a bit dull (and dusty) but reading more about it and finding out that the trend emerged from the idea of reducing waste from floral shops, it fits in with the earthy trend, being sustainable.

Dried flower trend 2019. Photo: Brittany Latiolais / Pinterest

Hope you found some inspiration for a calm and comforting home in 2019.

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