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Meraki is skincare and lifestyle products, made in Denmark, aesthetically pleasing, kind to humans and the environment. It is also one of my favourite brands!

When we moved to the UK I befriended our neighbour, who was an impressive 94 year old. I used to help her with some shopping, and in return she invited me for the occasional evening drink, enjoyed in front of a large bay window with the view of the sunset.

On one of these evenings we were talking about the big questions and how to live a long and happy life. Before taking another sip of her dry martini, she looked at me with those clear steel blue eyes and said; “Moderation, Bianca. Moderation is the key to everything!” These are words I carry with me, ten years on.

I’m quite frugal. I don’t overindulge, buy a lot, or the most expensive. But I do treat myself to some carefully selected daily luxury items.

One favourite lifestyle and skin brand I’d like to share with you is Meraki, designed and developed in Denmark. This is not paid for post and I have not been given any products. I discovered this brand upon one of my visits to CIFF kids and the clean design immediately drew me towards their stand. The natural products were all inspired by Scandinavian aesthetics and with love for nature’s treasury. The quality is really, really good as well, which is of course essential.

Meraki has a skincare and spa, home as well as a range developed especially for children.

So far I’ve picked up my Merkai essentials on my travels to Scandinavia as it’s not widely available in the UK. So far. But I’m delighted to see that the Organic Fair in London (on the 22nd to 23rd of April) will show everything from the Meraki universe. So, feeling hopeful that more UK stores will be stocking this fabulous brand in the near future.

Less is more and my neighbour was right; Moderation is the key to everything. Lets surround ourselves with less, but more thoughtful and well made products.

Do you have a everyday luxury item or product like this? Please share below – Id’l love to know what you think!


One thought on “Meraki – back to nature

  1. The truth is that I don’t have any similar products in my home,since I don’t really trusted these till now. But, thanks to your article, I got to search meraki and ask some friends about it. Only one of them knew the product, but he told me it’s worth every single euro it costs, and the fact that they have meraki for men makes it even better!I’ll make sure to check it out whenever it comes to Greece.

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