LuckyBoySunday Spring news

Copenhagen based soft toy brand LuckyBoySunday has launched its Spring news. There’s several new little friends we’d like you to meet, to cuddle and to fall in love with.

New this season is the design collaboration with Danish children’s fashion brand, Soft Gallery. Together they are launching the sweet little personas of BabyKawaii & BabyTiger.

But LuckyBoySunday are also introducing more baby friends:

As seen in the photo above, Baby Teddyboy and BabyTeddygirl are both a symbol of a new-born baby, so super cute as a teddy and full of milk, love and luck.

Furthermore, let me introduce…


Baby Katti – a true little kitten who loves fresh air and cuddling up inside the house with you and other nice people.



Baby Prettyboy – that little perfect looking sweet guy, just as sweet on the outside as on the inside. And well-spoken too!


BabyBirdie and BabyChipper

BabyBirdie sound a sleep and BabyChipper with the big blue bow.

And, BabyBonbon

Which one is your LuckyBoySunday favourite?

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