Björk & Berries – Swedish eco-luxury bath and body on my wish list

Our newest discovery is Björk & Berries, a eco-luxury brand from Sweden with the most indulgent bath and body products, made with natural and organic ingredients from the Swedish countryside – handpicked. This is what you’ll need to beat any dry winter skin!

We have the ‘Never Spring’ hand wish and ‘White Forest’ hand cream.

Never Spring is a scent inspired by a longing for spring, a fresh and green, yet crisp and cold scent that includes birch, lemon and cedar wood. It describes both the long and never ending Winter and the wonderful feeling when the first signs of Spring appear. The main ingredient in Never Spring is organic sea buckthorn that together with cucumber and aloe vera soothe and rehydrate dry winter skin.

White Forest is a sensual and melodramatic scent of wood and fresh forest air, an exciting and mysterious scent of the deep Swedish forest that includes birch and pine. The range is based on organic birch extract that makes the skin toned, soft, firm and elastic.

The brand also have ‘Dark Rain’, a scent inspired by that first rainy autumn day.

In addition to hand wash and hand cream you’ll also find shampoo and conditioner, body wash, oil and lotion as well as perfume from Björk & Berries.

Why we love it?

Evoking memories from the Nordic nature and the vast forest landscape, both Never Spring and White Forest draws on the scent of birch. Still, there’s a lovely lightness to them; leaving you with just a hint of perfume together with a lovely sensation of incredibly moisturised and soft hands.

The beautiful sleek, minimalist quality packaging in white with gold details will make a lovely compliment to any bathroom or kitchen design. The dispenser bottle is of very good quality and pumps out just the required amount of soap and cream.

And when you’ve found a product you love, you’d like to share it. With confidence, this series will make wonderful gifts to friends and family.

‘Björk and Berries’ is my new everyday favourite and a real treat. Ehm… Mother’s Day is fast approaching – just saying!

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