H&M just won the 2016 Christmas Ad Competition!

With the branding in the short film only kept to discrete moments the quirky Christmas story directed by Wes Anderson is unlike anything else. In a sophisticated style H&M’s ‘Come Together Winter Express’ rides away with the trophy for this seasons best advert.

You probably know filmmaker Wes Anderson from films like Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Grand Budapest Hotel. What you may not know is that he’s also brought his unmistakeable sophisticated style with great attention to details to the world of adverts too. In the past he has made several short film for companies like Ikea. This holiday season he’s made a short film for clothing retailer, H&M.

In “Come Together,” Adrian Brody plays a conductor on the nostalgic H&M Lines Winter Express train line. Due to bad weather and technical faults the train has been delayed and the conductor, from his little office, has to inform his passengers that due to these unexpected delays the train won’t make it to its destination on time, causing everyone onboard to miss Christmas. But the conductor then get some bright ideas on how to make the situation a bit better for everyone on board.

We see the conductor and the passengers which is a line up of different personalities through the window off the train, in a doll house style, Christmas carols sung outside the window (every time the conductor opens the window the music becomes louder), little details such as each passenger having a picture of a loved one in their cabin (which in one instance is a dog) and the surreal interior of the train in mint green shown in stills, are all elements so typical for Wes Anderson charming and quirky signature style.

The filmset is also doubling as the location for the campaign shoot.


See the advert here:

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