Björk and Berries a new eco-luxury skincare brand from Sweden

Björk and Berries is a new eco-luxury brand that designs indulgent bath and body formulas featuring handpicked, natural and organic ingredients from North of Sweden. Not only will you love the products… The sleek, minimalist packaging will look super stylish on your bathroom shelf too!

We first discovered the brand when visiting Fåviken in Sweden. The restaurant had the Björk and Berries products in the bathroom and it was especially the candle ‘White Forest’ that initially got my attention with its flickering flame and gentle scent.

After some research I found out that Björk & Berries had started as a small project in the deep forests of northern Sweden, combining centuries-old Swedish natural beauty traditions based on local flora; wild herbs, plants and berries, with modern technology to create highly effective skincare products. The brands vision is to preserve the Swedish beauty traditions and share them with the world through luxurious organic and natural skincare products and artisanal fragrances.

Luxurious yet sustainable. The brand is passionate about ecology with every formula designed to deliver the maximum beauty benefits with the minimal amount of ingredients in order to streamline your beauty routine.

The product range includes skincare, perfumes, body and bath products, hand and hair care. All products are natural, organic and made in Sweden.


Bestsellers include the perfumes, the hand wash and hand creams as well as the candles. But Björk and Berries offer so much more… A way of trying out this brand is to get one of their travel kits.

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