Res Res, a Sustainable Concept Shop, opens in Copenhagen

A new fashion and lifestyle concept store, Res Res, has been opened in Copenhagen, Denmark. The sustainable shop will from its showroom be offering a range of slow fashion pieces and accessories as well as interior for the eco-friendly home. Res Res is here to inspire and guide you to a more eco-conscious living!

The shop is located in the heart of Nørrebro, an evolving and vibrant neighbourhood in Copenhagen, for everyone who are interested in sustainable fashion and lifestyle.

Res Res sells clothing and homeware carefully curated with respect for ethics and environment. And it’s not all adults. Res Res wants the shop to be a destination for the entire family with the main focus on the shops vision ‘respect for all resources’.

“By making conscious choices we can show that we care for the environment and future generations. We don’t want this to be a limited niche shop, but a lifestyle shop for everyone, kids and adults.”
Soren Sorensen, Founder of Res Res

And although Copenhagen based, Res Res does not limit the product range to Scandinavian only. All brands that share Res Res vision will be considered. Brands available in store now includes includes Nudie Jeans, Aiayu, Kowtow, Veja shoes, Woron, Peopletree, Hänska, Oh My Bag, Iglo+Indi, As We Grow, Farmers Market, McKinley & Paget, Peg and Awl, Humdaikin, Forager & Co and many more…

To celebrate its opening, Res Res hosted a party only a few weeks back. Photos (by Tom McKenzie) gives you a glimpse of the party as well as a peek inside the shop… until you have a chance to pop in and see for yourself!










Soren told us that they are potentially looking at coming to London. We will you keep you posted on this. Meanwhile, you can follow Res Res on Instagram and on Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Res Res, a Sustainable Concept Shop, opens in Copenhagen

  1. Oh, please do. I really find concept stores like these so inspiring. I’m looking forward to seeing the shop in February when I go for Fashion Week! x

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