At the lake house…

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After hours in the water I asked her to take a break, get dressed and do something else. Minutes later I found her here… She’s officially become a fish! Lake life is certainly bringing a new element to peacefulness and relaxation.

A few weeks in a sizzling hot metropolitan city was about what we could take. We mostly walked around Manhattan, trying to cool off together with the locals in the many city parks. The High Line and Times Square were among our favourite attractions, together with Chelsea Market and Bryant Park. Restaurant Peter Luger in Brooklyn was an experience a Friday night, as well as hanging out at Surf City in Jersey City at sun set.

But now we’ve moved up North along the coast, to Cape Cod. After a brief stop at Tanglewood; lunch at Wheatleigh and listening to Boston Symphony Orchestra under the stars…

Outside Wheatleigh, Lenox in Berkshire.

For a week we’ll be staying at a traditional Cape Cod lake house. Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are both only a short boat ride away. Seafood chowder and lobster roll are on the menu in local restaurants. But with a private lake cabin, balmy temperature and lots of sun, we might just hang out here too. I have a feeling this week will fly by! You can follow our adventure on Instagram.

This was a small update from us. Hope all is well with you!

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