Meet Tiny Trolls of Norway!

With the recent unpredictable weather in the UK, it’s with pleasure we introduce you to Tiny Trolls of Norway, a outerwear brand that specialise in children’s waterproofs. This Norwegian brand will help British parents to brave the elements. As they say in Norway; ‘There’s No Such Thing As Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing’!

Looking for a clothing brand that can cater for our munchkins, who always have a desire to venture outside, to explore and go on adventures? Who are always on the go, come rain or shine, forcing their parents to brave the weather regardless… Tiny Trolls of Norway vision is to promote outdoor play through high quality outerwear.


The founder of the brand and mum-of-four Elaine Kobbeltvedt believes that social play in the outdoors results in happy and healthy children. This philosophy is based on her experience of working with children. With a strong focus on outdoor play in the nature surrounding us a small nursery started by Elaine 25 years ago quickly grew to a popular chain on the West Coast of Norway. The success was without a doubt the result of a business built on love and respect for all children who loves to play and jump puddles.


In 2014, Elaine sold Bergenshagene. Her 25 years of successful business had resulted in seven nurseries which had cared for over 1000 children. If there is anyone that has an understanding of children’s needs and wellbeing, it is Elaine Kobbeltvedt.

When one chapter closes, another one opens; Elaine decided to use her experience to design and produce children’s outdoor clothing that was stylish and fun, with little practical details making a big difference for functionality. Tiny Trolls of Norway, a brand catering for children age 1 to 8 years, was founded in 2015. Dressed in outerwear by Tiny Trolls of Norway children can play unrestricted, safely and in comfort.

tiny_trolls_of_norway_snow_suit_baby_toddler tiny_trolls_of_norway_lille_olle_bolle

Tiny Trolls of Norway will be exhibiting their brand new collection at the UK kids trade show Bubble London on 19th to 20th June. We’ll be looking out for snug micro fleeces, rain sets in beautiful colours, their popular ‘coverall’ as well as warm snow suits. We will keep you posted on our findings! Meanwhile you might want to have a look for yourself, at

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