Poppy Rose Sophisticated Children’s Clothes for AW16

Poppy Rose presents relaxed yet highly sophisticated look for Autumn Winter 2016, combining the style of boho chic with classic and timeless. Beautiful knitted sweaters and cardigans, retro prints seen in skirts and blouses – and some amazingly luxurious dresses, easily dressed up or down.

Poppy Rose is an exclusive childrens clothing brand offering high end childrenswear to both boys and girls. The designer behind this Danish brand, Minna Speerschneider Larsen, has been designing for years, one more gorgeous collection after the other. She’s also a wonderful caring mum-of-three.

The motivation for the unique styles comes from a vision of combining simplicity and quality, and quality in particular being an area that will never be compromised with. Poppy Rose offers clothes in the finest of materials, ‘for the ones your heart beats for’.

Each season has its significant selection of knit in either merino wool or blended merino wool with cashmere/alpaca for Winter. The boys can choose from a selection of handsome shirts, sporty sweaters and comfortable trousers. No superhero prints or ripped jeans here…

Poppy Rose is available for babies and children all the way up to 14 years.







This collection will be in stores from August 2016…

Meanwhile, why not follow the universe of Poppy Rose on Instagram? Wishing you all a lovely, lovely Friday. Hope the sun is shining and that you will have a very relaxing weekend when it comes. x

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