A little ‘röd stuga’ – why we love the Traditional Swedish Wooden Cottages

To many Swedes, the sight of a little red cottage surrounded by a small garden with flower beds, bumble bees and white painted wooden garden furniture, will make their heart go all soft. And it is for reason…

The colour red, called Falu, is more than just a design choice. The red colour, in Swedish called ‘falu rödfärg’ is a natural dye that is used in a deep red paint well known for its use on wooden cottages and barns. The paint originated historically from various copper mines in Sweden and the paint remains popular today due to its effectiveness in preserving the wood.


So, what does the inside of a little ‘röd stuga’ look like? Well, there’s one Swedish words describing the style or design choice so to speak; ‘mysigt’! We do recommend having a look at the pictures og a house tour of a traditionally Swedish red cottage here. But to give you an idea…


And the loft space is used as well.



Also, did you know that Sweden is celebrating it’s national day on the 6th of June? This and other fun facts about Sweden – you perhaps don’t know!

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