Luxurious and Stylish baby blankets by Winter & Bloom

Perfect for bedtime, naptime and travel, baby blankets are a must-shop for all parents.
Choosing both a timeless and good quality baby blanket means it can be used for years, for both play and sleep. Swedish brand Winter & Bloom has a small but beautiful collection, designed to match your Scandinavian home as well as wrap your baby up up warm and snug.

Whilst Spring time and glorious sunshine invites to walks in the park, the air can still be crisp and quite cool. A baby blanket will ensure warmth and comfort for your little one in the pram or pushchair. With an aboundance of pastels and classic timeless design, we are delighted to introduce you to Winter & Bloom.

Grace is a luxurious and timeless blue knitted baby blanket, quite similar to the traditional style used by royals. In addition to look beautiful the openwork design insulates, ventilates and provides just the right temperature. Grace gives a stylish and classic feel and the blanket is available in four delicate colours.

The more contemporary Classic Dots baby blanket is a beautiful and cozy wrap, in a timeless design with classic dotted pattern, with a reverse side, making a delightful contrast. Classic Dots by Winter & Bloom is knitted in two layers in insulating ring spun soft cotton. Choose between three colours, pink, blue and grey.

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