Interior Inspiration Scandinavia by Sonia Lucano / Thames & Hudson

Designed in the style of a magazine to reflect its functionality, this book is a rare find and would be an immensely useful tool for anyone who is looking to implement some minimalistic Scandinavian design into their home.

Scandinavian design is a term representing a design movement characterised by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Natural materials, light, neutral colours, elegant lines: the Scandinavian look is one of the most popular in contemporary interior design. Rooted in the desire to create beautiful everyday objects that are practical and affordable and at the same time with respect for the environment, which emerged in Scandinavia as early as 1930s through to the 1960s.

Interior Inspiration Scandinavia by Sonia Lucano has included all the Nordic countries, as they largely share what’s typical for Scandinavian design; proper craftsmanship, value of heritage and the Nordic nature as inspired for colours and materials.

Through the first pages of the book we learn how the greatest names and their iconic pieces still inspire young contemporary designers today. It’s all beautifully illustrated throughout, almost like wander through a gallery of Scandinavian design history, from designers to brands and innovation. To a Scandinavian this is all well known, but nonetheless very dear part of the book. For someone new to Scandi design I can imagine it being a really good basic introduction.

Then the book is reaching modern times and also getting more practical. Five key elements in Scandinavian design are identified and explained alongside inspirational photos. You’ll find helpful advice on how to choose furniture as well as a list of UK shops selling Scandi design which has been included as well.

Scandi Design key Elements

All of this before moving onto my favourite part of the book; Practical Projects. And in true Scandinavain design style, it’s all about sustainability. The author shares several ideas on how you can transform your home, by upcycling your current furniture to fit in with your new, muted Scandi style. She also give ideas on how you can accessory your home in a more minimal yet personal style. From prints, painting, mirrors and other decorative objects you can surround yourself with. Of all the ideas my youngest have spotted and love the pink sheepskin idea. We’ll have to look into DIY guide for that. And I love the colour chart at the end, nailing the Scandi style.

Scandinavian Colour Chart

I think I’ll start with a mood board, including the colour chart, favourite pieces and textiles. Then see how I get on… Because it’s clear that the Scandinavian style is far more than just a raw, monochrome ambience. It’s a functional space highly suitable for a family home. It’s time to play!

Pink Sheepskin

Interior Inspiration Scandinavia is £16.95 from Thames & Hudson

So who is the author, Sonia Lucano? I simple search told us that she has several crafts and interior design books on her merit list in addition to being married and mum-of-two. Which made us curios… What does her home look like? Well, the blog The Socialite has a complete house tour, which shows how Sonia herself has created a home, perfect for her family. Because that’s exactly what these books are for, inspiration. Not for us to bluntly copy the ideas, but to be inspired and develop our own personal style that suits us and our life.

Are you planning to redecorate over the holidays? Do let us know and project you may have going on – or have in the pipeline by commenting below. We would love to know and share some decor and design ideas!

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  1. Hi Sonia. Such a pleasure to discover your creative world through your latest book. And thank you for stopping by Little Scandinavian. 🙂 Love, Bianca

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