Healthy and Fun Easter Treats for Kids!

There are many articles and blog posts around sharing ideas on how to do a healthy Easter. Ideas includes how to make healthy Easter eggs for your children.

But honestly, I cannot think of any more disappointing than opening up a large easter egg only to discover its been filled with dried fruit, yogurt covered raisins, popcorn, stickers and marbles…

My husband still remembers his Easter egg when he was young, filled with grapes… You can possibly get away with it for a few years, but not forever.

Easter is not every day, so perhaps rather than ban sugar, try to reduce it and make it as healthy as possible by ensuring natural sweets and quality chocolate. Easter eggs should contain proper treats and sweets that your children like. Otherwise it won’t be a treat.

I’d recommend going for proper quality chocolate, preferably organic and as dark as possible. Biona has a range of natural and organic confectionary. Lakrids by Johan Bülow has a special Easter treats, crispy mint chocolate coated liquorice. Whatever you choose, try to go for natural and organic.


You can also make your own Scandinavian Easter Marzipan. It’s both fun and easy. Check out the recipe and method in a post we did here.


Then instead of getting the largest egg why not choose a smaller and rather really decorative one and wrap it nicely in cellophane, tied with a large yellow organza bow. In this way, receiving and unwrapping of the elaborate gorgeous looking Easter egg would be a proper treat in itself.

And instead of endless of bunny and egg shaped chocolates, why not make other treats too? Dine al fresco this Easter. Have a camp fire (or just a simple bbq) and make ‘campfire bread’ (stick twist bread) or sausages always goes down well. Anything cooked and eaten outdoors are usually very popular among the kids.

And make ‘Eggedosis’. Whip 2 eggs and 2 tbsp of sugar with an electric mixer until thick. Serve immediately in your most fancy tumbler glasses. Top with grated chocolate or fresh berries – and remember colourful straws.

But sweet treats aside. Easter to me is family time. From going for walks in the sunshine to playing boardgames in front of a crackling fireplace in the evening. That’s the real treat this Easter! x

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