Interior Inspiration; Grey and yellow as seen in Scandinavian homes

Scandinavian design is the secret to making your home feel bigger, brighter and better. How to turn your small, dull space into a sanctuary? Here are some decorating tips to steal from stylish Scandinavian homes.

Paint! The easiest way to bring the look of a Scandinavian home into your house is to use paint. The calm tones of pale blue, cool grey and milky white all capture light in the most remarkable ways. And it transform any space into a open and welcoming place for you and your family. In fact the muted colour scheme has become the trade mark of Scandinavian interior design.

Then secondly, go easy on textiles around the house. Scandinavian’s do not have wall to wall carpets fitted. Instead you’ll find that contemporary rugs are used, where needed. Furthermore, there’s a careful use of curtains too, as not to restrict natural daylight.

Designer home? Although it may look incredibly stylish it’s not all high end expensive designers. In most Scandinavian homes unique design pieces are mixed with affordable interior. You’ll easily spot Ikea scattered around, from side tables and lamps to the entire fitted kitchen solution.

That brings me to storage. To Scandinavians function is equally important as the aesthetics. A home needs a space for every object. And objects with no purpose needs to be kept to a minimum. It’s as simple as that.

But back to the colours! We’ve recently seen a few examples of how some have made a delightful contrast to the Scandi grey colour scheme. And it looks pretty straightforward. Study the below photos, all from Scandinavian homes, and see if you can pick up any inspiration.

Above image and below is a home, with delicate use of textures. We simply love the combination of colours and the metal details and how the painting is picking up it all. Just beautiful!

The second Scandinavian home illustrate what little is needed to achieve the refreshing contrast. Also, equally importantly is to not think of each room individually, but follow your design scheme throughout the home. This will make your home feel a lot more calm and spacious.


And then the last Scandinavian home we wanted to share today. Where the entire home is kept in a minimal, two toned style. Then refreshingly breaking it all up with chairs serving as a centre of sunshine in the middle of the room. It draws attention to the communal table and creates meeting area for the whole family, from meals, work or just hanging around in late evenings.


How to get the style?
Through these images it’s clear that different shades of grey are more important than the element of yellow which seems more to serve as a subtle yet fresh contrast. And yellow could be anything; from sharp lemon for a minimalistic and clean feel – to a warm mustard colour to create a more eclectic and charming ambience.

Check out the cushions, all in different shades of grey. Then break it up with one yellow, careful not to overdo it. Hay Mags modular sofa starts from £1,858 depending on upholstery and size.

They don’t all have to have the same colour. Get chairs in shades of grey, then one or two in yellow. Picture shows Fritz Hansen 7 series chair in ash yellow, £321 at

Right! I’ll get my paintbrush out and sewing machine at the ready. Only need the Hay Mags sofa…

Photo source for the three Scandi homes:

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