5 Eclectic Kid’s Room Ideas You Will Love

Are your kids rooms dull, outdated and messy? What is the situation of your kids rooms? Whatever is going on, half term and rainy days ahead provides an excellent opportunity to update and freshen up – or be bold and go for the complete make-over of your dear child’s exclusive living space.

We love Pinterest and all the ideas it brings for home decoration. Especially for kids bedrooms. All our finds are pinned to our wall but I thought’d share some highlights with you here on the blog too.

Below are 5 ideas on how to create an amazing little universe for your child.

1. Keep it simple.
Colour coordinate all the decor with the interior for a more tidy and open space look.

2. Something new, something old.
Anyone can visit a design store and buy interior and decor for a entire new look. But without something personal added you can quickly end up having a room coming straight out of a catalogue. In order to create a creative and personal room, your child will actually love spending time in (not hanging around you in the living room all the time, it’s worth adding some more personal touches. Vintage finds, hand knitted blanket from grandma, the kite build with dad last summer, mum’s old teddy. Well, you get the picture!

3. Creative space.
Having a place to work is as important for little ones as it is for their parents. The space needs to accommodate for budding artists and at the same time be easy to tidy up and wipe clean. There are some really cool desk on the market. But how adorable is this little house and desk with the matching storage solution on the wall.

4. On display.
Mini walk in wardrobe and wall art are great and quirky additions to any kids room. And it an excellent way of bringing out their favourite pieces; from their favourite sparkly party dresses to the full monty cowboy costume. The wall looks pretty and feels like home when adorned with a gallery of the best art they made, favourite poster, a picture of their pet… The list goes on. It’s all about displaying carefully selected objects that are sure to bring a smile on their face.

5. Go bold.
Paint the room in a dark colour. Combined with wooden floor and light interior the room will still feel warm and welcoming. The darkness of the walls can make the room feel less dull and perhaps more like a ‘secret den’.

Hope you found some inspiration above. And I wish you a fantastic Friday and Half Term x

3 thoughts on “5 Eclectic Kid’s Room Ideas You Will Love

  1. Love love love all of them! The pale pink is so soft but a nice addition to the neutral palette. But my favorite is the nursery with the dark walls. Thanks for sharing!

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