Elements by Royal Copenhagen – modern dinnerware in a classic design

Royal Copenhagen was founded in 1775 to make dinnerware for the Royal family in Denmark. The original design, the plain blue fluted, is still the most popular among collectors. But it is fascinating to see all the different series throughout the times – and also being introduced to a new series that captures all the different designs.

Blue Fluted Plain was Royal Copenhagen’s first dinner service design. Today, 240 years later, it is one of the world’s most famous and desirable porcelain sets. Blue Fluted Plain is still produced as it has been since the beginning, where each piece is treated as a piece of art and is lovingly painted by hand.

But as a luxury set, it comes with a hefty price tag and few can buy s complete set in one go. You inherit some, you have luck and find some in the vintage shop, you get some as a present and you buy some yourself – and you’ll end up with elements of all the different series from Royal Copenhagen. The company then cleverly introduced a mix and match trend.




And to take the mix an match trend a step further Royal Copenhagen hired Louise Campbell, a Danish furniture and lighting designer. Campbell is a leading figure in contemporary Danish design and experiments with free, unconstrained forms and new technologies. No wonder she was the one designing ‘Elements’.

Elements has the Blue Fluted Plain pattern, as we know it but dismantled and reassembled into new forms, taking us through 240 years of heritage and craftsmanship. The series fuses tradition and future with a beautiful result.


In addition to the Blue Elements series there’s also the Multicoloured Elements, representing Royal Copenhagen’s young and ultra-modern interpretation of the brand’s mix and match concept. All Elements will work in their own series, but are even more impressive when used in combination with the other patterns from Royal Copenhagen.

With a collection ranging from antique to contemporary you are sure to serve your guests in style. I’m also completely convinced your morning coffee and brunch will taste even better when served in Royal Copenhagen…

Btw. As the blue fluted china design is so popular the design has popped up on more than just porcelain. You can get hold of napkins, candles and even clothing in the striking print.

6 thoughts on “Elements by Royal Copenhagen – modern dinnerware in a classic design

  1. Royal Copenhagen’s designs are truly gorgeous. Thank you for stopping by Little Scandinavian, Diana. x

  2. Wow, these are really some interesting designs. I love classic designed tableware.I will definitely buy them for my kitchen.

  3. It all depends on where you buy it. I found the napinks in packs of 20 through a quick online search for Dkk30 which equals £3.

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