Eckers – a must visit lunch spot and coffee bar in Oslo

Eckers Oslo
Trendy coffee bar opens in fashionable Frogner in Oslo, adding a new vibe to the area.

By entering the well lid coffee bar in one of Oslo’s more fashionable areas, Frogner you’ll meet the founder of the coffee bar, Philip Fjellberg Wibe behind the coffee machine. Philip makes a wide range of excellent coffee based drinks, using coffee beans from leading Scandinavian coffee roasters.

When we visited we picked up ‘Christmas coffee’ from the new Nordic coffee roaster from Ă…lesund, Norway named Jacu Coffee Roasters. Another bag of coffee beans that we simply couldn’t resist picking up to try at home was Drop Coffee (mainly as the packaging is sooo cool!) is an award winning roastery with the focus on creating a great tasting ecological coffee.

In addition there’s a tempting selection of healthy and freshly made smoothies and sandwiches, making Eckers a great spot for brunch or lunch.

Eckers Oslo

Eckers Oslo

Eckers Oslo

The owner told us he had refurbished the newly opened coffee bar himself. When we complimented the trendy cafe tables he told us he had made them himself too. There was also a cool city bike hanging on the wall which we thought was purely decorative. Turned out the barista also makes bicycles, when he’s designing for his menswear label Graa with runway shows in NY! By the time you have had your coffee and finished the gigantic and tasty sandwich, you are sure to have made new friends at this friendly neighbourhood coffee bar, both fellow guests and the people working there.

Oh, did I mention they sell Christmas trees too?

Visit Eckers in Eckersbergs Gate 41 Oslo. Opening hours from 8am to 5pm. See their website for more information or follow Eckers on Instagram to stay posted.

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