Skandinavisk candles and diffusers to create special moments

Scandinavians get through more candles than any other region, using every opportunity to lit a candle to create a bit of ‘hygge’. One of the preferred candle brands in Scandinavia is Skandinavisk from Copenhagen.

Skandinavisk was founded in 2012 in Copenhagen and was an instant success with their high quality wax candles. In addition to a range of deep glow slow burning candles the brand’s stunning collection now includes a range of subtle fragrance candles, each representing an aspect of the Scandinavian nature or lifestyle. Skandinavisk has rightfully claimed they bring ‘Sense of Scandinavia’. The fragrance stretch from SKOG (forest) and HAV (ocean) to HYGGE (coziness) and RO (tranquility).

The co-founder Shaun Russell once told me ‘Solitude in Scandinavia is not regarded as a bad thing. Solitude is peace and quiet, time to reflect and re-energise yourself. And with that in mind, a flickering candle is perhaps exactly what’s needed when in need of taking a step back and create some much needed quality time for yourself. Wether you choose solitude and peace and quiet or to enjoy a special moment together with loved ones. My sister call her Skandinavisk candle her ‘special moment candle’ something I think is really sweet.

The product range also extends to a popular range of diffusers as well as mini candle gift sets, ‘HOME’ and ‘JUL’ – which will make perfect Christmas presents. The candle comes in a stylish minimalistic glass votive and it will burn for up to 45 hours retailing for only £25. You can see the full collection and shop online at


To create a special moment for one lucky reader of this blog – we have teamed up with Skandinavisk to give away a candle and diffuser set in today’s Advent Calendar window. You can choose the scent! Enter here!

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