Melula – Well-designed kids shoes for colourful steps in life

Melula is a new shoe design concept from Scandinavia; gender neutral, functional and simple yet with no compromise on quality or playfulness. And they need you to kickstart their first collection!

Behind the brand are two dedicated creatives, Louise Møllermark and Søren Hougesen. Between them they have years of experience from the design and fashion industry, something which is useful when starting up your own brand.

“Everything you see from pattern design, shoe design, branding, photoshoot, packaging, video storyboarding and communication are done solely by ourselves. This has helped us lower the expenses of the design process, without taking big loans from the bank. We hope you will help us over the goal line by backing us and thereby getting on of these small babies for yourself.” Søren Hougesen, co-founder Melula.


Melula Shoes are available in size euro 24 – 30. The style is classic yet the print and colour choice unique. There are three prints available, all with a beautiful finish in a unisex design; Birk, Ville and Nomi.

Birk is a bold statement piece that will be a head turner wherever you go.



Ville is a vibrant and fresh print – beautiful for Spring!



Nomi is our favoutite – in a delightful pastel colour palette.



Quality and comfort are the main priorities for Melula. The shoes are made with nylon upper featuring colourful prints. They are lined with chrome-free leather and soft textile lining. For comfort the inner sole is a cushioned footbed and the outer sole features a two coloured natural crepe rubber with top stitching detail – to keep little feet dry and warm. The shoes are designed by Melula in Denmark, the production will be by ethical standards in Portugal.

“The production of our shoes is an important factor. We cooperate only with manufacturers that have full transparency and works within sound ethical guidelines, fair working conditions and the compliance with environmental standards. That’s the reason we have chosen a small scale manufacturer from Portugal, with only 40 employees, that has years of experience in designing children’s footwear.” Louise Møllermark co-founder Melula


So, to do this, what’s needed and by when? For Melula to be able to finance their first production they’ll need to place a minimum order for production on 600 pairs of shoes. In addition there are expenses of materials. In total DKK120.000 (approx. £11.350) is needed to get started. The funding needs to be complete by end of 19th of December, with the first collection estimated delivery for March 2016.

Get involved! Backing starts at only £5. Retail price is estimated to £66. If you are a private person and want to back this kickstarting project – you can secure a pair for only £47.


Melula already have step two, a new collection in the planning. But first they’ll need our help to get step one going! Find out more about Melula on their website. If you would like to support Melula, visit their page on Kickstarter and share this post with family and friends which you think might be interested – in well-designed kids shoes for colourful first steps in life!

4 thoughts on “Melula – Well-designed kids shoes for colourful steps in life

  1. Hi there! Follow the link to Melula in the post, to get in touch with the brand about stockist. Best of luck and Happy Thursday! x

  2. Hello from Vienna!

    I’m looking for shoes for our 2 sons for our wedding end of March and i Found your absolutely Great Design in Pinterest.

    My question now: Are they already available?

    If yes, how can i get Them and where?

    Thank you so much

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