White Christmas Home – Scandinavian Style

We are only in November, but with our first ‘gløggparty’ planned for the first weekend in December I’m planning ahead. And dreaming of a white Christmas home. Here are my favourite finds and inspiration from Pinterest.

As Christmas is spent with family in Scandinavia a popular custom is to invite friends for a pre-xmas drink party, serving up spiced mulled wine and nibbles. Your home should not be all decorated for Christmas (remember? We don’t decorate the christmas tree until 23rd of December). But nevertheless, it’s Advent and it’s the run up to Christmas. I’m sure a all white and natural decorated home wouldn’t harm…

Black Kubus By Lassen candle holder, white homemade paper christmas tree decoration, a fir in a pot – and deer hiding in a cloche. Very Scandi stylish indeed – ant not overdoing it.
Source Forever Love

Champagne, monochrome colours and geometrical shapes. Very festive!
Source My White Obsession

There are so many ideas on how to decorate a candle holder. We love this simple solution.
Source Pinterest

If you can look past the stylish Wishbone Cheers… Have a look at this Christmas table decoration idea. Love all the different flower arrangements, kept in a wintery green and white. A must is the grey linen napkins.
Source My White Obsession

Advent Candle would be a must. Create your own as seen below, with nuts on a plate.
Source Cathrine Aarsland

And if you can’t hold back… Here’s our favourite christmas tree decoration this year. Strikingly beautiful, yet simple and toned down. Ad proper wax christmas tree candles (if you don’t have toddlers or cats in the house!) for a special shine of the metallic ornaments.
Source Broste Copenhagen

If you want to do gift bags, here’s a wapping idea to go with your overall theme.
Source Hege in France

Flickering candles by your doorway gives a warm welcome and a fond farewell.
Source Tina K Home

2 thoughts on “White Christmas Home – Scandinavian Style

  1. I love your blog, but as. Jewish person, I must point out that the Advent candle idea is actually a hanukkiah or menorah, with the Star of David and numbers for each of the 8 days of Hanukkah. It’s not an advent candle, but I might use the idea for my own Hanukkah table this year!

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