5 Amazing Kids Interior Ideas for Slow Living

Campaign for The Organic Sheep by Morten Germund.
Slow Living is emphasising on slowing down and simplifying your life to allow you to create a more considered, beautiful and intimate living space. And we see no reason why our children shouldn’t be part of this sustainable concept. Read on for five inspirational kids interior ideas for Slow Living.

Slow Living is a above all a lifestyle choice, steadily growing in popularity. When I visited Copenhagen last week I visited Stilleben (meaning slow living in german), which is a wonderful store and gallery, focusing on the quality of your life by surrounding yourself with quality rather than quantity whilst looking for authenticity and considering environmental and social responsibility. Slow Living means structuring your life around meaning and fulfilment, with a less-is-more approach.

So with that in mind, we have made a top 5 list, on must have kids decor and interior pieces, that we think falls within the Slow Living concept;

Share the world of art with your children. Instead of limiting the choice to teddies and adorable bunnies, there are a wonderful selection of prints and originals that can spark curiosity and dreams in a little ones minds as well as having the benefit of lasting long after the childhood years. We recently discovered the Danish artist Annemette Klit and especially love her simple and delicate nature prints. The feather prints, available in multiple colours and arrangements, have become very popular. But also the simple botanical art prints are beautiful.

Annemette Klit_feather_watercolour_print

annemetteklit annemetteklit_feather_print_art

And what could be more dreamy than a pendant lamp made of goose feathers? Available in 3 sizes and the natural shades of cream white or brown, the EOS lamp from Danish light specialist Vita. There’s also a tripod available – in case you’d need a floor lamp instead of a pendant. The light shade produces a soft glow and makes a room beautiful even when not illuminated. The natural goose feathers are carefully arranged to gently flick and provide a ruffled exterior. We think the Eos lamp will look amazing in the kids bedroom. From baby to the teenager. We even think they’d like to bring this design piece of a lamp with them the day the decide to leave the nest.

Sheepskin is cosy to lie on and soft to sit on. We think especially children, spending hours by their desk, either with home work or creative art projects, should sit comfortably. And when choosing a decorative sheepskin to throw on top of their chair, only the best will do. Longhair lambskin from the Danish brand The Organic Sheep is something very special. Sourced from organic sheep in the Faroe Islands and Iceland, these sheepskins provide warmth and comfort and look beautiful, in that unmistakable attractive Nordic look.

No room is complete without alpaca wool in the form of quirky design from Danish brand LuckyBoySunday. We especially love the fun Lucky Pillow in grey, the arty Peppe Pillow in green, the huggable BonBon and the adorable Mause doll. The delicate range of interior pieces, that will grow with the child, is hand knitted in the finest alpaca wool and the price point reflects the outstanding quality as well as the unique design.

Knitting a blanket for your baby is a great way to make the everlasting months of pregnancy (especially towards the end) go a bit faster. It is also a very precious gift you can give your child. I knitted a blanket for Miss A, but chose a very delicate and loose pattern, that sadly after tear and wear didn’t last very long. I’d therefor recommend knitting a bit more solid blanket, that can be handed down to future generations. This beautiful chunky blanket is made by Norwegian costume designer Ida Toft and hand knitted in a beautiful grey wool yarn from Pickles, with a hint of fun bright neon colours.

These are of course only a few ideas on how to decorate your child’s room sustainable without compromising on style. Choose beautiful timeless pieces, handmade, organic and natural materials and design that are made to last – for Slow Living Kids.

2 thoughts on “5 Amazing Kids Interior Ideas for Slow Living

  1. I think especially having older children, you realise the amount of furniture you’ve been through in a very short time. And it does make you think. I’m not saying that you can’t decorate your child’s room with baby and children’d design. Only that there are options too, that will last longer. 🙂

  2. Great post, I especially love the first suggestion to expand beyond teddies. Beginning an appreciation of art from a young age, and decorating with objects that are not for a particular age.

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