7 Things You Need For Autumn

It’s pouring down outside and you don’t really feel like doing much other than stay warm and dry indoors. But it doesn’t all have to be miserable. Besides a knitting project – here’s 7 things you need this autumn!

Toddy, tea, honey milk and hot chocolate – you’ll need a favourite mug. And nothing is more heart warming than this Moomin love mug from Finland Arabia, sure to put a smile on your face on the greyest of days.

Ponchos – a must have for venturing out and about. Will not only look incredibly stylish, but also make you feel snugly warm, regardless of sunshine or drizzle. We love this poncho from Norlie.

Ankle boots, easy to slip in and out of, with room for wool socks. Perfect with jeans or skirt with tights. We love the simple styles with exceptional leather quality, from Angulus.

Nothing is more Autumn than heather in pots – bringing colours of the season to the indoors. I want one on my kitchen table as the perfect decoration for cozy breakfasts and dim lid dinners.
bunch of heather isolated on white

Flickering candles, everywhere in the house, to create ‘hygge’, that unmistakable cozy atmosphere. We love the deep glowing candles from Skandinavisk.

Knitted pillows! Like this beauty, the Bobby pillow by Luckyboysunday which is handmade in soft baby alpaca wool. Looks good – and it’s great to hug when cuddling up in the sofa after a grey and wet day.

Apple pie! There’s lots of hearty stews and casseroles for Autumn, but nothing is more comforting than a freshly baked apple pie with cinnamon and nuts, served with a dash of whipped cream.

So what else is there, that can brighten a grey and dull day? Please share below – we need all the inspiration we can get. Especially on a day like this!

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