Scandinavian Cool Backpacks for Nursery and School

Stand out rom the crowd with these children’s backpacks, ideal for Back to School. The Kanken by Fjallraven is perhaps the most sought after backpack for children and teens in the UK at the moment. But there are more practical school bags from Scandinavia you should be looking out for.

These retro and fun children’s rucksacks are ideal for pre-school and primary as it is lightweight & small, ideal for little ones to carry themselves.

Norwegian Blafre Design has launched this beautiful retro backpack, available in lots of colours. The size means is perfect for nursery and preschool, with enough space for packed lunch and their favourite toy.

These two backpacks from Annaliv is part of their brand new retro range, called ‘knapsack’ in a timeless and nostalgic style.


Backpacks from Swedish brand Elodie Details. There’s a range of colours and prints, but our favourite is this harlequin black and white print with leather details.
Elodie Details backpack MINI

Backpacks featuring a fun zoo inspired print in delicate powder blue or pink, with contrast orange details, from Danish brand Done by Deer.

Miss A is very happy with her Tulipop Miss Maddy Backpack, and Miss B has a Classic Kanken from Fjellraven on her wish list.

What’s your favourite children’s backpack?

2 thoughts on “Scandinavian Cool Backpacks for Nursery and School

  1. I love them all. I might buy one for me as my two years old daughter was instead very excited by the gigantic rabbit shown in your first picture…. She is deeply in love with it….
    Thank you for all your amazing posts

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