70’s flower kids fashion style for Little Woodstock Festival

My mum is turning 70 years this summer and wants to celebrate her big day – in 70s style! So we came up with the idea, to have our vey own ‘little Woodstock festival’.

In the 70’s she was young, free and careless. She had lots of friends, travelled the world and loved music. This was before four children came along… Even as a mum she went travelling with us, shared her love for music – and to this day she’s very much a free spirit.

Every year we have an annual summer party at our family place in the Norwegian countryside, which combines my mums and mine birthday celebrations (our birthdays only being days apart). The wider family and lots of friends are always invited. But with a grand 70 we had to do the festivities a bit more special – and came up with the little Woodstock idea. Rather than gifts my mum wishes musical contributions. I will set up a photo boot shaped as a 70’s flower power van, we’ll create tents around the property and serve up bbq and lots of seasonal sides and salads. If only the sun will be shining…

To get planning on our outfits for 70’s fashion theme I’ve gathered a few images as inspiration. The theme of the party, with ‘Little ‘Woodstock’ is probably more flower child than pure 70s retro. I’ve gathered a few cute pics of kids from the 70s and mixed it up with newer images for children’s fashion – inspired by the 70’s hippie and boho culture. Hope you like it!






Image sources for picture 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6

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