Noa Noa Miniature Playful High Summer collection for 2015

Noa Noa Miniature HS15
The times when designer children’s clothes was not to be played in are long gone. Noa Noa children’s line Noa Noa Miniature is both beautiful and practical. The high summer collection features summer dresses, sun hats, swimwear and lots more. All to make your little girl ready for the holiday!

Noa Noa is a established Danish fashion brand, founded in the early 1980s by the brothers Lars and Harald Holstein. From a humble beginning Noa Noa has evolved into a large Scandinavian fashion house, designing a line for women, children and since 2010 a Mini line for babies and toddlers. The baby and children collection mirrors the ladies wear, with elegant ethnic and comfortable to wear clothing for everyday wear.

Noa Noa creates four new collections every year, which includes two main collections for Summer and Winter as well as two smaller collections for Christmas and on for High Summer.

The Noa Noa Miniature High Summer collection is arriving in stores as we speak. The new collection features nostalgic polka dots and sweet floral prints, gorgeous colours and comfortable next-to-skin softness. There’s lace, tulle as well as sweat fabrics, scarves and trendy leggings. It’s a versatile collection, which can be mixed and matched, in the typical Noa Noa Minature style.
It’s slightly bohemian with a touch of nostalgia.

Noa Noa Miniature HS15

The head of design at Noa Noa Miniature, Rike Astorri has a firm belive that clothing can support a happy childhood, with lots of free play and good memories being created. To encompass this vision her design has a cut that allow room for movement, it has fun and playful details as well as ensuring the practical aspects, such as fabrics that can withstand wear and tear as well as being machine washable. Noa Noa Miniature offers girls clothing that will be wardrobe favourites among both children and parents alike.

Noa Noa Miniature HS15

Noa Noa Miniature HS15

Noa Noa Miniature HS15
The campaign images for this collection was shot in Denmark by photographer Anders Hald.

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Noa Noa Society is a members club which quietly keeps you up to date on all the latest Noa Noa products and events ahead of everyone else. You’ll receive updates on pre-sales exclusively for Society members as well as special offers and all the insider news from the Noa Noa universe.

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