Mother & Daughter Style for Summer featuring Liberty Fabrics

Liberty Fabric_silk_ss15
From the Liberty Art Fabrics range; Archive Lilac Silk Chelsea Georgette and more gorgeous Liberty fabrics featuring fashionable flower and feather prints, all made into pretty dresses and tops for a smashing Mother & Daughter style for Summer.

Taken from a tiny paper sample in the Liberty Archive, this Liberty fabric takes inspiration from Alice’s journey through the Garden of Live Flowers, where flowers talk and chatter and help her on her way. Porcha Girls dress, lovely for mild summer days and parties, available in sizes 2 to 10 years DKK900 from Poppy Rose. Matching women’s figure hugging cocktail dress, £267 from Katya Wildman


From the Liberty Art Fabrics range; Quenby D Tana Lawn Cotton

What a strange game of croquet Alice found herself playing: hedgehogs, flamingos and nobody waited their turn, this Liberty fabric represents the soft flamingo feathers Alice used as a stick. Every time she went to swing the flamingo would twist up and look at her. It has been hand-painted with gouache and printed with a pigment white over reactive dyes for a textile just as alive as Alice’s croquet stick. The daughter will love to wear this pretty top with butterfly sleeves. €58 by Christina Rohde. Mum will compliment her daughters adorable top with a beautiful gold plated feather necklace, £120 by Alex Munroe at Liberty.

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