Inspirational and free family event at Igloo Kids Wimbledon this April

Not Before Tea is a shop of all things lovely for children, founded by then 9 year old Henry Patterson. A year on and the young boy has published his first children’s book. Igloo Kids invites you to have tea and cake with Henry, with the chance to talk about what it is like being an entrepreneur and author.

I set up my business, Not Before Tea, in March 2013 and since then me and Pip the mouse have been on such a fun journey. We have won awards, met politicians, appeared on live TV…

And now they will be visiting Igloo Kids! Join young Henry for a very special book reading and signing event.


This is the first in the series of the enchanting tales about Sherb the owl and Pip the mouse, who live in a shop called Not Before Tea. (With inspiration from the brick and mortar shop, founded by Henry). The story, entitled ‘Pip Gets a Job’, follows the little mouse as he desperately tries to make himself useful in the shop.

Pink blanket lifestyle

Find out what happens with Pip and his new job at Igloo Kids Wimbledon Sunday 26th April from 2 to 4pm. This is a free event, suitable for all ages, from young readers to aspiring authors as well as budding entrepreneurs.

This promises to be an interesting and inspiring Sunday afternoon!

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