Bundgaards children’s shoes for Spring Summer 2015

With all of the Danish brands that are leading in quality and trust, Bundgaard is one of the brands that quickly comes to mind for children’s shoes. With more than a century of design and craftsmanship, Bundgaard creates shoes that span from soft leather starter shoes for the baby’s very first wobbly steps to shoes that are ready for a grassy hillside run.

Designed with room for plenty of wiggly toes that are allowed to grow. The shoes are made in durable leather, supple enough for flexibility and heels with cushioned supports gives children comfort when wearing their favourite pair of shoes all day. From pretty sandals and mary janes to sturdy laced ankle boots and practical rain boots, Bundgaard shoes are one of the brands when first tried and tested, you will be coming back for more.




Buying children’s shoes in the UK is a rather uninspiring affair. I was surprised when I first discovered the poor selection there is and that only a few big brands, mainly with an extensive school shoes range, dominate the market. A few popular international brands can afford flagship stores in Central London. But in the end, without enough specialists shops, it is the end consumer that looses out in the end.

There are so many lovely high quality brands for children’s footwear, from classic and conservative styles to funky and colourful. And although they might not be widely available in the UK, I would love to share what’s out there with you.


Then hopefully, when demand is on the rise, retailers will be bolder when buying in for their shops. When that’s said I also hope to see more specialist shops getting back on the high street.

The new collection from Bundgaard Shoes is available in London, check full retailer list at bundgaard.com to find out from where.

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