Useful Apps To Get The Most Out Of Instagram

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Like sourcing inspiration, keep up with your friends and connect with likeminded people? Well, there’s an app for that! With more users than Twitter, and a great visual impact, Instagram is the go-to social media tool. And here is how we make the most out of it.

Instagrams success is down to the wide selection of filters, including the new five for 2015; Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua. There’s an impressive photo editing tool in addition to the filters, you can follow and connect -and get hooked on Instagram. But did you know, that there’s essential apps for the app?

Free Apps to ensure you get the most out of Instagram
Squaready will crop and trim your photos. It creates a tidy impression and also enables you to showcase portrait or landscape format on Instagram.

Instacollage is fun and a great way to display multiple photos in one collage. Photo editing options available as well as lots of templates.

Repost makes it easy to repost your favorite photos & videos on Instagram while giving credit to the original Instagrammer. All it takes is 3 simple steps… Sharing is caring.

Latergramme allows you to upload and schedule your Instagram posts from your computer or mobile phone. I don’t believe there is no app that posts automatically on Instagram, but with this tool you can plan and prepare the post in advance, right up to actually posting it. Then on the time you’ve set you’ll get a reminder on your phone, and you can simply hit the publish button and voila.

Iqonsquare (former Statigram) is the first analytics and marketing suite for Instagram. It’s the essential tool to find out how to best communicate and with whom. This is analytics heaven, so dive in!

Hope you will find these apps as useful as we do, and that we’ll see you on Instagram -we are littlescandinavian

Already a Instagram Rockstar? Why not share your favourite tips and your secret apps with us, by commenting below. Happy Instagramming!

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