Understated and cool kids fashion for Summer by GRO Company

A relaxed style in soft jersey and twill with prints from graffiti to flower, the children’s clothing for Spring Summer 2015 by GRO Company nurtures childhood imagination and playfulness.

GRO Company is a Danish sustainable children’s brand, that has become popular for wonderful quality and use of organic cotton and soft natural materials. The Summer collection is clearly designed for everyday wear with focus on comfort and freedom to move freely; swim, cycle, climb trees -or lie on the sofa and daydream all afternoon…






Perhaps more so than previously, we notice a more timeless and stylishly understated look from this brand. A style typical for Scandinavian fashion and one of the reasons for its popularity. With the style and GRO’s sustainable focus we think this brand is set for a bright Summer indeed!


Psst! Not sure why it seems like smiling was not allowed on the set when shooting this campaign. But do not be fooled -children’s will love the softness and comfort, and there will be smiles all day gro.dk

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