Multitalent Kristine Mandsberg to exhibit at CIFF kids

Kristine Mandsberg is a multitalented artist! Her work stretches from film and animation to sculpture and wall decorations, to fashion and lifestyle. And news is out that this danish artist will be exhibiting her new 3D art project ‘Soft Sculpture’ at CIFF KIDS trade fair in Copenhagen from the 25th to the 27th of January.

You may already have seen her work out there! This wall decoration can be found in a danish hospital

…this is the ‘Monster’ textile sculpture made in stout, was exhibited at Designer Zoo, in Copenhagen 2014.

…these IKEA napkins are designed by Kristine Mandsberg.

…these are illustrations made for Bahne.

…she’s been working on illustrations and prints for Soft Gallery over several collections with great success!
kristine mandsberg

and she’s made prints for the trending Australian kidswear label, Musterkids.

The list goes on! But not to be missed is her installation at CIFF kids this January!

Kristine Mandsberg is a full-time professional designer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is a trained textile designer from Kolding School of Design and The Royal College of Art in London. Her drawing style is influenced by traditional handcraft techniques, patterns and structures. Kristine has a special style that combines a very illustrative, nearly textile expression with clean graphic lines that show her personal, abstract perception of her surroundings.

To find more of her work, a small webshop and to follow her newest collaborations, visit

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