LuckyBoySunday, Kids Interior With a Difference

It’s finally Friday, and a lovely email from the LuckyBoySunday team just landed in our inbox, brightening up our day. Don’t know if you already are familiar with and have any of the quirky and loveable soft toys from this brand at home, but it’s certainly worth having a look at the new range for Spring Summer 2015!

This is what the designers, Camilla and Camilla said about the new LuckyBoySunday collection: “Over the years, we have discovered our love&LUCK in designing dolls, and this season, we made a super cute teddy for you … His name is ‘Little Nulle’, and he’s a real plush toy and made of super soft fake fur. But please don´t tell him that he is fake -he honestly think he’s real and alive.”

Interesting that they’ve used a new type of fabric for ‘Little Nulle’. But I’m sure it is as soft as the alpaca knitted soft toys we love too. You can almost see there’s a ‘Softness and huggable guarantee” on products from this brand!

Camilla and Camilla goes on to present the rest of the news:
“We also designed 2 new rugs – the Bobby Rugs – you can decorate your living room or use it as a play rug in a children´s room. The Bobby Rugs are both very graphic, have great colour splashes, and on top of that: they’re hand tufted by our fantastic manufactures in the holy city Varanasi, India.”




© Photographer Andreas Stenmann all rights LuckyBoySunday

We have our eyes on the pillows and the throw… The circle shaped rug is beautiful! Perfect for the kids room. I usually don’t appreciate when the girls are bunkering up with soft toys, pillows and throws in the living room, as they often leave the mayhem behind when they are done playing or cuddling up. But I wouldn’t be too worried with a LuckyBoySunday style mess. 🙂

Happy Friday! Love Bianca x

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