Childrenswear and technology in 2015

It’s incredible how much technology we surround ourselves with and what’s possible of smart solutions for the home and living. But somehow very few have taken advantage of it and invested in new technology that could massively improve the customer experience as well as increase sales.

Yet still too many retailers are offering webshops with limited search functionality and time consuming check out procedures. But a few have recently done a leap in the right direction, including Danish childrenswear brand, Molo.


Molo have launched the site as a brandshop/webshop where you can get a complete overview of the entire collection and can also shop every style. The site will give you an update of all the latest styles as well as inspire you to create your own, personalized molo-look by browsing the molo lookbook.


If you find a look you love, molo will always direct you to the stores that have bought that particular style – right down to the correct size and colour, or you can shop it directly from their brandstore. Whether you want to buy locally, or you are planning a trip, Molo will, with it’s new online solution, be at hand to help guide you to the most convenient location and if you prefer to shop online, you will also find direct links to all the websites that carry the Molo brand.


The brandshop is responsive and works on whatever digital device you are using making It’s easy to navigate the site, regardless of whether you are shopping on an iPad or your smart phone.




Check out Molo’s collection for Spring Summer 2015 and their new website here;

We will be keeping a watchful eye on any new websites and features that might be of interest for 2015. Do keep us posted too!

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